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This was our 1st time here and everyone here was very kind, courteous and helpful. We will recommend friends and family here. (5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Derick Younger, Mt. Vernon.)
-James Pate - Louisville, IL - August 30th
"I found Kenny to be very knowledgeable. A very good salesman. I will recommend him to any person looking to buy a car!" (5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Kenny Watson, Benton)
-Linda Dollins - Benton, IL - July 28, 2013
Matt was so awesome, he explained everything perfectly to me on the phone, so I dad to come in the next day, and was so excited to drive off with my GREAT car!" (5/5 Stars, Approval Specialist: Matt Redding, Carbondale)
-Sarah Beggs - Olmsted, IL - July 12, 2013
"First time purchasing a vehicle by myself so I was nervous but it was GREAT!" (5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Sparky, Marion)
-Sonya Rose - Herrin, IL - July 2013
"Auto Credit has helped me and my family with our automotive needs over the last 15 years. Why go anywhere else? ...(5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Kenny Watson, Benton)
-William Bulliner - June 15, 2013
I had a wonderful experience today and I will definitely let everyone I know hear about it! - (5/5 Stars, Approval Specialist: Jerrie Belcher, Marion Superstore)
-Sheena Shelton - June 19, 2013
"Great service today, and made me feel very welcome & comfortable while I was here today" (5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Ashleigh Castellano. Marion Auto Credit)
-Judith M. Hogue - May 2013
"Auto Credit got me a car the same day I applied. No hassle. Quick, easy and stress free. Jerrie Belcher is a great sales person. She found me what I need and for the right price. THANK YOU AUTO CREDIT!!!" (5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Jerrie Belcher, Marion)
-John Ray (Johnson City, IL) - March 2013
John Ray (Johnson City, IL) - March 2013
Smooth process from beginning to end. Very flexible with my situation. (5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Matt Redding)
-Harold McGhee Jr. - (Carbondale, IL) - April 2013
"These guys R a Blast lol. Always a pleasure to come in and make a payment usually always leave smiling. Good people. (4.5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Red Davis, Mt. Vernon)
-Kaleb Braden - March 2013
This has been such and awesome experience. My first time purchase and you guys made it easy. Thank you soooooo much.(5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Matt, Carbondale)
-Deanna Harris - April 2013
It was great. Great help and good service. (5/5 Stars. Approval Specialist: Jerrie Belcher, Marion)
-Debbie & Danny Loeh (West Frankfort, IL) - March 2013
The buying process was very smooth from the initial call and questions to the final paperwork being completed. I had financial problems in my past and Auto Credit helped and worked with me through the entire process.
-Gary Van Hoorebeke
Brian was very upfront and easy to talk to. Very nice young man, and was very helpful.
My experience here was great. The salespeople explained everything in detail. They did a really good job selling me a vehicle. Shannon did a great job! Thank you for your help.
These guys were VERY polite and extremely helpful. Thank You!
-Angela Mos
Charles was a very good salesperson. He explained everything in a way that I could understand them. He made getting a new vehicle very easy!
-Michael and Margaretta Pyron
Y'all are the best and I appreciate it very much!
-Kelly Moore